Questions to Ask When Choosing a Realtor 

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Realtor 

When it comes to buying or selling a home, selecting the right realtor is one of the most important decisions you can make. A good realtor will provide you with honest advice and guidance throughout the process, while a bad one can leave you feeling frustrated, confused, and worse off than when you started. To avoid such an outcome, here are 10 essential questions to ask when choosing a realtor. 

1. How long have you been in business? 

Experience counts for a lot in this field, so try to find a realtor who has at least several years of experience under their belt. This isn’t always necessary—some new agents can do just as good (if not better) job than more seasoned veterans—but it’s always worth asking about. 

2. Do you specialize in any particular area? 

Real estate is a very localized field, so it’s important that your realtor knows the local market inside and out. Before signing on with an agent, make sure they have expertise in your area of town—or better yet, your specific neighborhood—as well as an extensive network of contacts who could help facilitate the sale or purchase of your property. If you are looking in Buffalo, NY for a home, make sure you look for a Buffalo Realtor

3. What certifications do you hold? 

There are multiple certifications that realtors can obtain, depending on what kind of services they provide (e.g., buyer’s agent vs seller’s agent). Be sure to ask what specific certifications they hold and how those certifications might benefit you during your transaction process. 

4. Are there any fees associated with working with you? 

Before hiring a realtor, make sure that all associated fees are discussed up front so there are no surprises later on down the line. Depending on where you live and what type of services your agent provides (e.g., buyer’s agent vs seller’s agent), there may be additional fees that need to be taken into consideration before signing on with them as your representative. 


5. What is your average list-to-sale ratio?

Knowing the average list-to-sale ratio for a particular area or associate is incredibly helpful when trying to determine if working with a certain individual or team would be beneficial for both parties involved in the transaction process. It also helps paint an overall picture of how successful their past transactions have been and how likely it is that yours will end up being successful too! 


6. Do you work alone or as part of a team?

Some agents prefer to work alone while others prefer having an entire team at their disposal in order to better serve their clients; take some time to find out which approach best suits your needs before moving forward with them as your representative during negotiations! Additionally, if they do work as part of a team make sure everyone involved has similar goals and philosophies when it comes to helping clients achieve success in the real estate industry! 


7. Which marketing techniques do you use?

The way agents market properties can vary widely from one individual/team to another; this makes it important for potential clients to ask about which marketing techniques will be used by their representative during negotiations – from online advertising campaigns to open houses – so expectations are set accordingly! Additionally, if possible try getting insights into how successful these techniques have been for other clients in similar situations! 


8. How often should we communicate throughout the process?

Communication between buyer/seller and their respective representatives is key during negotiations; therefore it’s important for prospective clients to get an idea early on about how often they should expect updates from their chosen professional(s)! This will help ensure expectations remain consistent throughout negotiations – regardless if things move quickly or slowly – so both parties feel informed at all times!    


9 .Do you offer any warranties/guarantees after purchasing/selling my property through you? Most agents don’t offer any sort of guarantee/warranty after closing but some may choose too; either way it’s worth finding out what kind of assurances each prospective candidate offers post-transaction so buyers & sellers alike know exactly what kind of service they’re getting from start till finish! 


10. What sets you apart from other agents I’m considering?

Last but not least – each client should ask themselves why THEY should choose THIS particular individual / team over another one doing similar work in similar areas; this question helps establish rapport while allowing candidates to show off their knowledge & expertise within the industry – two critical elements needed when choosing the right representative!      


Finding the right realtor isn’t easy; there are dozens upon dozens of factors that need to be considered before making such an important decision – let alone all the paperwork & legwork required by both buyers & sellers during negotiations! However by asking yourself these 10 essential questions prior to committing yourself & finances towards any particular party – chances are higher that both sides end up winning instead of losing big time down the road due to misunderstandings or miscommunications regarding expectations from start till finish!